Saturday, May 27, 2017

Vintage Forest Creature Collectibles Inspire Acrylic Painted Portrait of Baby Raccoon

The Raccoon that got into the trash was a naughty raccoon. At age 10, I wrote a short story about a naughty raccoon who got into the trash and caused a lot of trouble in the quiet neighborhood of Rockbrook. Oh such an original title. I was a huge collector of anything with a raccoon on it. The Westroads Shopping Mall in the 70's and 80's had a store called 'It's a Small World" where Hello Kitty and rainbow shoelaces lived. Yes please! I visited this fine shoppe as often as a free to roam child from the 80's could. This is a small assortment of my lovelies from those retro days. Inspired to paint a creature of the forest, This darling (and quite naughty) baby raccoon has come to life on a 11X17 canvas. Not only are the 80's one source of inspiration, but I've discovered this amazingly talented Chinese duo who currently illustrate adorable animals. I just LOVE them! Here is a link Xue Wawa . They bring such delight and cuteness in their paintings that I was immediately drawn to them. The raccoon painting was the ultimate inspiration! And forever will my guy live on this canvas of mine. Baby raccoon LOVE!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Vintage Norwegian Folk Art Tile of Girl and Fish Stavager Flint

Lovely Folk Art lady from Norway. The crooked smile and a slight eerie look on her face, she is preparing to slice and dice her ginormous fish from the Nordic sea. It's a simple, symmetrical design with primary colors that I am drawn to. Used as a butter dish in the olden days or kitchen decor in a traditional Norwegian home. Hand painted screen print from Stavanger Flint in Norway. This was a purchase on eBay years ago. The damage on the top and crazing only decreases the value, which does not bother me. I like her just the way she is. Sweet and maniacal girl from Norway. This week marks Norway's Day of Independence. (17th of May, 1814) Girls were not permitted to celebrate or march in the children's parade for many years-only boys were allowed. Seriously? My how times have changed. So sharing this work of art is fitting. Girls rule. Boys drool. Nordic Folk Art Love.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to all of the World's Greatest Mom's out there!

This totally awesome 1980's retro coffee cup is my all time favorite mug. It ties with my vintage 'Happy Steak' mug. A thrift store find again for about a dollar. It's got great retro graphics. The colors are so early 80's with gorgeous tones of brown and orange. And the cartoon Mom is well, very stereotypical. I would go as far as to say MANY Mom's from the 1980's looked similar to her. She resembles a character from Garfield the cat cartoon. Oh so totally like 80's. Happy Mom Day to all the World's Greatest Mom's out there! Retro Love. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Real Neat Vintage Snapshot Envelopes and Coupons Collectible Paper Ephemera 1960's for sale on Ebay

Do I have too many collectible pieces of paper? Yes. And I have adored these for years. Except it's time to let it go. The latest listings are mostly paper. Paper sells like crazy. Unique paper is always sought after. Gee, I do miss the good old days of waiting patiently (we were very patient unlike today) to pick up your fab prints from the local photo mat that are carefully placed in this nifty envelope. Of course this one is from the 1960's and mine would've been in a retro 80's envelope. I purchased this on eBay for nothing years ago. So now I'm reselling it back. Feels good to sell to someone who may start a new vintage collection of their own. In photography always remember: focus, aim, steady and clean! Retro Photo vibes. Neat.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Cinco De Mayo Vintage Mexican Folk Art Feather Bird Wall Art 1946

This lovely pair of Mexican bird art was found at the Goodwill for $7.99 each. Way over my budget. But, I love unique vintage finds and of course birds. I find a lot of artwork in pairs. Nice to find that people don't break them up and I happen to discover them. Still in great condition with some minor wear. The backing is sweet with a message to Lois from Mom. I'll celebrate  Cinco De Mayo and promote Mexican culture with posting beautiful Vintage Bird Folk Art from Mexico. And of course eat veggie tacos. Food. Love.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Star Wars Happy May the Fourth be with You Day Hoth Poster and Vintage Dewback Kenner Toy 1979

Posting some favorite Star Wars memorabilia that are my collectible keepers. Of course on a day like May the 4th, this is suitable. The poster of planet Hoth and the making of ESB is in rough condition so it's totally not sell able. I like it because one, it's my fave sci fi movie and B, it's partly shot in Norway. Cold and beautiful. Plus the graphics are pretty awesome. The ride along lizard dewback critter from Kenner Toys 1979, is a vintage toy I've had for years and because my daughter Leia, yes, you heard right, she WAS absolutely named after Leia Organa, colored on him as a kid it's kinda sentimental. Plus his head moves back and forth when you wiggle his tail. I just need to install an action figure on him. Then he shall be complete. Ahhh the love I have for some vintage toys. Happy May the 4th!