Thursday, May 4, 2017

Star Wars Happy May the Fourth be with You Day Hoth Poster and Vintage Dewback Kenner Toy 1979

Posting some favorite Star Wars memorabilia that are my collectible keepers. Of course on a day like May the 4th, this is suitable. The poster of planet Hoth and the making of ESB is in rough condition so it's totally not sell able. I like it because one, it's my fave sci fi movie and B, it's partly shot in Norway. Cold and beautiful. Plus the graphics are pretty awesome. The ride along lizard dewback critter from Kenner Toys 1979, is a vintage toy I've had for years and because my daughter Leia, yes, you heard right, she WAS absolutely named after Leia Organa, colored on him as a kid it's kinda sentimental. Plus his head moves back and forth when you wiggle his tail. I just need to install an action figure on him. Then he shall be complete. Ahhh the love I have for some vintage toys. Happy May the 4th!

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