Sunday, May 19, 2019

I painted rummy

I painted my cat. It was kind of a challenge throughout as I sometimes get confused with my multiple layers then I can’t decide on backgrounds and the different mediums and brushes. It’s all a labor of love though. 3 hours of therapy. And painting cats is never boring. I figured out how to include a video of the whole entire crazy messed up process using procreate. Only traced the initial shape from the reference photo I took. Final artwork has the simple charcoal background. Which seems to add a bit of moody drama. I’m happy and that’s all that matter. Cats.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Endangered Green Magpie Artworks




                                         Uploading the time lapse video may just be impossible using blogger. Not having any luck. This image was borrowed from Pinterest and no artist name was found so I can’t give anyone credit. Using my own images in the future. This bird was simply a delight to paint. I don’t typically trace but it worked and is helping me learn this new skill. I prefer to not trace and refer to the reference photo instead. The procreate app is so sophisticated I am just barely entering the land of magical creations. Fine. Perfection is the enemy of progression. That is so true. I’m happy working and creating at the speed I’m currently moving. I plan to do a series of birds now. Of course. Wild. Native. Endangered. And simple regular old backyard finches. They are so fascinating to me. Little birdie.....

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Procreate finally adds FONTS to the app!

Finally I can now add TEXT with the new add on text application from Procreate!Yippee! This is super basic for my  purposes and I am constantly learning new moves every day with this amazing and super duper sophisticated app. Today I completed these two guys. Cleaning up and figuring out my style that I want to bring forward. Simple pieces with retro colors and a few fun details. Playing also with the signing of my Artworks. Kim k studio/kimk_art/puppycat_art. 
For now it’s still a work in progress. Feels good. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

iPad Pro original Artworks

My very first original creation. About 2 months ago I came up with an idea for a series of Artworks. I just completed this special piece today. Part of me cannot decide on backgrounds and color composition. But I think I’m getting the hang of it and I am pretty sure this is the look I’m going for. Vintage folk art Cats. I need retro colors and simple shapes. This piece took approximately 4 hours and has about 4000 strokes. I just find this new found love of illustrating highly therapeutic. Call it a labor of love. Below are the canvas specs. Hopefully no issues with printing and final output of this guy.

Monday, March 25, 2019

iPad Pro obsessed


I recently made a big purchase. Since I haven’t upgraded my computer in forever I figured it was time to invest in something worthwhile. At first sight it’s a pretty piece of technology. Shiny. Bright. Smooth. Fast. Big. And just a lovely work of art. And then you get to know the most important part of why most creative people like me buy this. The drawing part. The pen is not too slippery and not too grippy. It feels right. Sticks to it real good too. I’m a photographer. I know what I want something to look like. And the procreate app allows me to do just that. I feel like I’m on to something. So yesterday I spent literally all day (about 10 hours) drawing. Creating. Making stuff that is meaningful.  To me. I sketched, inked and painted so hard I had to switch hands just to complete a piece from my series I’m working on. Then I realized I can’t draw with my left hand. The top piece is the nearly final. The look and style I’m aiming at. As you can see from the 30 second speed drawing I need tons more practice with cat anatomy. No probs. This machine is my new sketchbook. But I’m pretty pleased with how this all turned out. 
 The iPadPro has literally changed my life. I’m now obsessed and excited about the projects I’m creating and what my mind can conjure up as I live with this new best friend. Love.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Grandparents kitchen

My sloppy copy original sketch of the kitchen series. I’ve gotten a bit carried away and will probably end up with a hundred sketches. This is sketch number 17 and am working on color composition for each piece. Sloppy copies are great. I can throw out everything that’s going on in my crazy mind but then really in the end you gotta just simplify the final. I want to put focus on some key elements such as the tea pot, pull out cutting board and the heart waffle. Grandmas was frequently on that micro kitchen but grandpa created to best Norwegian waffles on the planet. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Series of 12 cats plants and home.

A series of illustrations featuring 12 wackadoodle and naughty cats. Plus plants. In a home vignette. The idea struck me last night while experiencing artists block. I’ve always wanted to create a series of portraits or paintings of something I just absolutely love and adore but nothing ever sparked. Until last night. 3 things I’m obsessed with are plants, cats and vintage furniture/decor. And since the beginning of the year I’ve also been filling my sketchbook every day with oddities. Cats. Dogs. Etc. I possess some truly unique period pieces of furniture such as a 1950s coffee table inherited from grandmas house that The tv and plants and occasionally cats sit on. This is where the spark grew from. While obsessively sketching I made certain to draw from my wackadoodle imagination and not look at anything online. So as to keep the focus original and build my own artistic style. This is nostalgic and meaningful to me. The 12 sketches are complete and the tracing has begun. Then it is off to the painting process. I’m excited to use gouache because of the rich and matte and versatility of this medium. The one I have taken a picture of is the last one I drew. And I just absolutely am in love with it. Stay tuned for the next step. Rummy keeps me company and this chair will most def be featured in a painting!