Monday, January 13, 2020

Gracie & April

A series of pet portraits I’m working on in procreate. Current favorite inking pen is the mercurybrush.  I wanted a inky cartoony look with a bit of loose watercolor strokes. Simple design with some lovely details in the fur and flowers. When I began painting this I fell in love with my photography portraits I took of the cute couple of fur babies last September. I had nearly completed this painting when I received a sad text from my dear friend saying that she had to put Gracie to sleep that same day. I cried. And I feel so blessed to have spent time with her to get the perfect photos that will be cherished forever. This is why I do what I do. ❤️
We’ll just see how many I can produce for this particular project I’m in love with.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Procreate pet portrait

Being absent from the pet blog doesn’t necessarily mean I’m absent from creating. Took some time to reflect and get inspired and then motivated. As a frustrated new dog parent I’m faced with many challenges such as juggling dog training, cat therapy, working my pay the bills job, reselling on eBay and taking the time to believe in myself. I came up with this creation today. Fine tuning for tomorrow. I’m in love with my new found style and have to believe I can create an art series using my trusty Apple Pencil in procreate on my lovely iPad Pro and stick with it. Awfully delightful. Simply joy.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Rudy Giuliani the Bichon frisée

SOOC shots (raw+jpg) of the handsome pup Rudy. This was a warm September day in the front and backyard of the owners home. Important to include the natural surroundings of a dog which includes lots of lush green grass and pretty front porch summer flowers. Trick with all white dogs is the highlights that can by blown out slightly. Must remember to underexpose here!!! But, the buttery bokeh turned out good although next pet shoot will be using a faster and sharper lens. Also raw images appear always dull and dingy until the final edits. Shot with canon 6D. 50mm 1.2 lens. Yasss Rudy!!!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Dougie the Dundee dog portraits

8 o’clock PM natural window light. 
ISO 800. 1/250. F1.8
Canon 6d m2
50mm 1.8 lens

12 o’Clock natural window light from the east. 
ISO 400. 1/250. F2. 
Canon 6d m2
50mm 1.8 lens

This sweet mutt has much more energy than what you see in the photo. He is being tested like a guinea pig. The available light I have to work with is pretty amazing and gorgeous. Semi obedient and full of puppy dog love. We will need a dog wrangler for an outdoor shoot. Preferably in Dundee!!!!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Canon 50mm 1.2 prime lens is ideal for senior pet photography

This fine evening shoot was spent with a precious mutt named Gracie! She is in her golden years now and is totally chill and calm about 90% of the time. Unless mom pulls out a pink squeak toy. That sets her off playing like a puppy. The sun was setting and darkness was upon us, but that does not stop this beast of a lens to perform magic. The 50mm 1.2 L lens is a heavy (yikes it’s hard core for weak wrists-not me!) bokeh beast. Most of the shots were taken at f1.2. And some are a bit ‘soft’. Ugh. This lens is also unfortunately slow to focus. And I knew this from the start. But kinda was in denial a little and then forgot as I get excited to shoot the perfect shot with such an amazing lens. Frustrating. The bad? Heavy. Slow to focus. Soft at 1.2. The good? Perfect for senior pets who are static and just chill and don’t move much. Bokeh is superb. Image quality is L quality. Gorgeous. Unfortunately this magical lens will be a renter for me. I will choose not to buy this guy after all. And that’s just super duper ok with me. I’m still very pleased with these images. SOOC. No edits yet. Can’t wait to see the final results.  

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Dark and moody background still life photography

My goal for this project was to be able to create a dark and moody still life vibe with the available tools I have on hand. The objects to photograph are of course my 2 obsessions. And they are vintage decor/planters and plants. I plan to rent the monster queen of bokeh 50mm 1.2L lens this weekend so as to compare lenses. Looking for image quality and mega bokeh comparisons. For now I’m using my trusty thrifty/nifty canon 50mm 1.8 lens. 
Paper background was not my thing because I’ve used it before and it’s not only expensive but could be risky without the proper stands etc.I've tripped many times. I have a small space to work within. So I discovered this peel and stick removable chalkboard wallpaper last year and planned on using it as a some cool wallpaper background for my art. (It sat for a whole year!) Fast forward and it occurs to me that this could serve a better purpose. I have struggled to create the perfect studio and I feel now I may be on to something here. I tried my tripod but he’s on his last legs. Literally need to upgrade him. This is hand held and super steady. No probs. Could be sharper but I’ll touch up in post. So as long as I shoot with a fast shutter. High iso. And my aperture wide open(1.8)And stand far enough from the wallpaper I’m able to blur the possible seam in the wall. I had to line the paper up better and not overlap. That is key to this. No overlapping. It’s barely noticeable but I can see it and if I can avoid the extra step in post by snapping a decent photo then more power to me. Settings for this were iso 800, 1/125,  f1.8 and natural window light at about 2/3pm east facing window. 
This shot is exactly what I’m aiming at. Pure melted blacks and not blown out whites. I shot 9 images for this series I call plants and their homes. Or plant homes. I’m not sure what to name this series. All I know is that I created a series of nine and I’m pretty happy with the final outcome. 
 I just love my vintage pottery collection. And the plants that I've adopted to these homes are truly an obsession of mine. This pot is from a garage sale many moons ago. And the plant was a 6 inch orphan laying on the ground next to a pretty cool vintage pickup truck at a certain green house many moons ago. Propagation was no probs. He’s 4 years old. Just look at how big he’s grown!!!!! Love.