Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Name. Same Look. More Services!

Puppycat Photography announces new name change to.....
Kim Widmark. (soon to be in progress!)
I was looking to freshening up and simplifying a name that made sense! I wanted to keep the services I offered under one roof with one clear name: mine! The (cute and adorable) name 'Puppycat Photography' was too narrow and Kim Widmark is now a broader name concept. I will still be offering very limited on location photography services to clients, but my focus has been moving toward an online store selling products created by me made available to everyone. This includes my art and photography plus a seasonal collection of art that I have been in the process of restoring. One thing is for sure, the following 'about me' bullets still ring true and will never change:
  • Collector of vintage salt and pepper shakers and a few lunch boxes.
  • Hard core dog walker to a charming 5 pound blonde Pomeranian.
  • Addicted to black coffee and cannot function without it.
  • Studied art and fashion in London, England.
  • Best mom EVER to a beautiful and talented daughter.
  • Will rock out to The Misfits when editing images.
  • Favorite holiday is hands down HALLOWEEN!
  • Climbed highest mountain in Norway and survived.
  • Lover of Chicago deep dish cheese pizza from Lou Malnati's.
  • Pets are my motivation, inspiration and make me smile every day!
I am blessed to have found my eureka moment in life! Thank you for taking a look at my work! I really appreciate it!

Yes, this is me in my elf costume. A terrific illustration (by my late husband) of your humble dog photog. 
I wish you all good fortune and many slobbery dog kisses!