Monday, February 4, 2019

What I did today

Re purposed canvas. 12x12x2". Chunky and shiny. A Siamese/lynx point kitty cat still, hunting in a pile of wildflowers. Abstract and loose. Yet needed some tight details for the eyes. Acrylic and using only the best paints which I now forever am obsessed over. Golden AND Liquitex heavy body. Worth every pretty penny. Roughly $10 for 2 oz. Cheap paints are These are made in USA or France or Germany or even UK. This fun piece is based on a vintage framed needlepoint work of art that I own. I am pretty satisfied. The paint is heavy and vivid and flows nicely! I still need much more practice with my flowers though. But hey-it's abstract/expressive/loose. I Try not to dwell too much. It's good. But the next one will be better. Cats.