lady and your humble dog photog 1980
  • Obsessed with collecting cute little vintage things.
  • My 2 cats bring much love and inspiration to my art. 
  • Addicted to black coffee and cannot function without it.
  • Studied art and fashion in London, England.
  • Huge fan of the cute and brave character Fone Bone.
  • Best mom EVER to a beautiful and talented daughter.
  • Will rock out to The Misfits when creating art.
  • Favorite holiday is hands down HALLOWEEN!
  • Climbed highest mountain in Norway and survived.
  • Believe Star Wars ESB movie is best film of all time.
  • Lover of Chicago deep dish cheese pizza from Lou Malnati's. 

Pets are my motivation, inspiration and make me smile every day! And every day I live my life like a dog. Or a cat. They live in the moment. Because every moment in life is precious. 

Thank you for taking a look at my work! I really appreciate it! 
Contact me for info and pricing @ email kim@kimwidmark.com. Please visit the FAQ page here on my blog for more information and text Kim at 402-452-6190!

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