Thursday, September 30, 2010

felix the dog photo shoot 2010!

here he is again bright and dandy and zippy and out of control unlimited amounts of energy felix. cold hot dogs are the ONLY way to get his attention. there are many MORE images to come! iso 800, 1/50, f2.8 and fl 14mm.

Monday, September 27, 2010

razzi my foster cat

we've decided to foster a kitty for a while. her name is razzi and you may remember her from the summer i shot photos of her and moxi together at lucy's home. she is now staying with us and we love her like she is our own! cats get along with other cats so quickly. the first couple of days i seriously thought it was not going to work-she was completely terrified of us and her new surroundings. then-her true spirit emerged. playful and affectionate and full of energy! she is feeling utterly at home now. my nephew matt chase wants to take her in. the problem is that he lives in l.a.-and it might be a while. in the meantime-she will keep us fully entertained. iso 400, f3.5, fl 54mm and what a slow shutter speed of 1/20. huh.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

furby is new and fresh and fabulous!

there is no excuse for me being absent for so long-sheees-i've been taking time learning about this new software program called adobe lightroom 3-yeah i know, it's not new, but to me it is and i'm going about this by myself. then i have to relearn adobe photoshop cs5-been using apple iphoto for all my pp. that is just not right! well, it is for some people. and i have discovered that i truly looove to work with a pen tablet and corel painter 11 this i am familiar with and i came across an old one lying around(yep) so this has been a rebirth of new creative juices that were just waiting to ooze out of me. these programs work together in there own way-and i am obsessively learning about them as often as i can. organizing and creating photographs in my spare time (did i mention i maintain a home life, am an overprotective parent, have a 9-5 job, an eBay store on the side, crafting for x-mas AND in the process of launching a pet photography business?) there is absolutely NO time for a social life. should i have coffee with a dear friend once a week? yes i should. do i? no. i oughtta socialize my pets. they are outta control sometimes. so that has been my priority for the past month. i wouldn't trade anything. and these posted images are what i looove to do. now, if i could only make a living off of doing 1 thing that i enjoy the most. be the best at 1 thing rather than good at several different things. that will be my challenge for the next couple of years. i try to visualize where i see myself in 5 years and i can't quite answer that yet. alright now i'm done ranting. just sayin. so my settings for these images of furby(yes furby once again-but there is a reason behind this all) everything i do is a step closer to my goal. iso 400, 1/400 and 1/500, f2.8 and fl 14mm. seeing these images (in lr3) is what gives me great satisfaction and JOY (voice of stimpy). it is why i love photography.