Thursday, August 31, 2017

Happy Birthday to my little big guy 15 years young blonde Pomeranian So Long August. HELLO SEPTEMBER!!!!

Happy Birthday FURBY! Time is flying by and I'm not dedicating much time to this blog unfortunately lately. That will surely change very soon. I've purged a TON of useless crap and my workspace has migrated downstairs to the basement. I'm downsizing and simplifying my life and selling my home of 11 years. Daughter is finally going back to college and my dear pal Furby is 15 years young this month. Family life and the lengthy process of preparing a house to move is stressful, but, it could be worse. I have a home. And I am blessed to have lived in it with the people and pets that have come and gone. So long August. HELLO SEPTEMBER and my favorite season (and holiday-Halloween) Fall. Love. Furry friend who sticks by me unconditionally. More love.