Friday, March 23, 2018

Happy National Puppy Day!

   New shoes and puppy smells. Every day should be national puppy day. In 2005 we adopted this cute little guy and named him Kenobi. (Star Wars Fan ya think?) Obi kenobi kenobi Obi. I've been photographing people portraits and other subjects for years by this time but after ruff housing with this little unruly dude and seeing these particular pics that unfolded, I was hooked for life. These were shot with a 'happy snap' camera at the time. A $600 (yikes) Olympus. My starter cam. Worked for the time. But def not fast enough for moving dogs! Today on Instagram I posted 3 of my top puppy pics. All shot with a Canon. With all time fave lens 50mm F1.4. Kenobi was a part of our lives for 7 years. Too young to die. He inspired me. Yes, he is my brand up there at the top of my blog page. He brought stinky joy to me. He was a POS a lot. He was Furby's BFF. He was my baybay. Still dream about you man. Miss you you big butthead. Wish puppies were forever. Love.