Tuesday, February 28, 2017

VINTAGE Brass Swan Family (mother and child) Midcentury Home Decor Piece

One of my magnificent finds while out thrifting! This darling swan piece is truly brass because I tested it with a magnet. No sticking! It measures about 15 X 12". One of a kind item. Found maybe the exact same one on etsy or eBay. I can appreciate fine brass decor mixed with wood and fur elements for that rustic cozy minimalist Scandinavian look. I lived it for 10 years. It's nothing new even though it's plastered all over PINTEREST. What is old, is new again. Yet, I love it still. Did I ever mention I grew up in Norway during my awkward teenage years? Although this swan was probably made in America in the fifties or sixties, it still has that Nordic feeling and of course MCM.
Lefse. IKEA. Rucksacks. A chunk of my childhood.

Monday, February 27, 2017

NICKELODEON magazine. SNOW DAY. Pete and Pete. Love.

Last Friday was a SNOW DAY for me and that feeling transported me instantly back to grade school. Joy. These highly collectible NICKELODEON magazines have been sold to one lucky winner on Ebay. I've enjoyed these for years and felt it was time to let them go. I've made a decision to keep all of my fun and curious collectibles for sale at my eBay store and NOT on Etsy like I was planning. I've been a top seller since 2007 and I will remain that for ten more years. Selling an item that someone has been looking for forever brings so much joy. Now others can cherish the love. Pete and Pete. I miss you guys...

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pothos tangled within the vintage pottery

Plants give me inspiration. Green is my favorite color. Goodwill finds are thrilling. This cute pothos houseplant looks fine within the thrift store vintage pot. When a unique looking item is discovered, it brings me joy. I know you won't be able to find another one like it anywhere. He's special and one of a kind. And my tangled pothos lives within this treasure.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

My VISION for art on your wall. Chichi Chihuahua painted portrait. Modern Queen Dog.

My love for these wall display templates is beyond amazing. If you are an artist selling your art then this is the BEST marketing tool!! Ariana Falerni Design. I purchased these a couple of years ago and added them to my website for my photography clients. I played with them last year and now I have fallen in love all over again. Had to re learn how to place my art within this super duper cool room with a couch. But, Photoshop is like riding a bike for me, you struggle a bit at first but within minutes you feel it. You know it. It's in you. I stepped away from it simply because I was frustrated with the speed. Among many other things. Painting is an extension of my photography for me. It opens up serious possibilities. More freedom. More creativity. Making, creating, designing, producing and receiving complete joy and satisfaction. 

CHICHI the Chihuahua. Modern queen mama. 
Size: 11X14 Artist Panel acrylic.

Still under construction. But moving right along!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Custom Painted Pet Portraits. Furby. Pomeranian. Modern dog portrait.

Launching custom painted portrait service on ETSY. You email me a clear photo of your pets face. I will paint it on a 12X12'or 20X20"canvas using my style and sprinkling it with his/her personality. In 2-3 weeks upon completion, I mail you a ready to hang work of art to your home! It's certainly a lengthy process to set up online but in order for me to get it right the first time I NEED to work like a sloth and focus like a hawk. I have a collection of portraits that I'm adding to and working on a commission art piece currently that I'm super excited about! Will include not only pets but other wildlife down the road soon too! I think raccoons are on my list. Another favorite animal! My style is modern folk art peppered with whimsy. I may come up with a better description later. But for now this is what I got. Stay tuned...
Furby. Pomeranian. Special personality. Modern dog portrait. Size: 30X40"canvas. Medium: Acrylic. 

Dick Blick art materials is having a pet portrait contest. Of course I've entered and of course I would love to win. So vote for me if you love dogs but if you love Pomeranian's in particular--then by all means VOTE for me. I would greatly appreciate it!
Here is the LINK to my painted portrait of Furby:

Furby. Modern Dog.

 Here is the link to the Dick Blick Pet portrait contest 2017. Anyone can enter!!