Friday, February 24, 2017

Custom Painted Pet Portraits. Furby. Pomeranian. Modern dog portrait.

Launching custom painted portrait service on ETSY. You email me a clear photo of your pets face. I will paint it on a 12X12'or 20X20"canvas using my style and sprinkling it with his/her personality. In 2-3 weeks upon completion, I mail you a ready to hang work of art to your home! It's certainly a lengthy process to set up online but in order for me to get it right the first time I NEED to work like a sloth and focus like a hawk. I have a collection of portraits that I'm adding to and working on a commission art piece currently that I'm super excited about! Will include not only pets but other wildlife down the road soon too! I think raccoons are on my list. Another favorite animal! My style is modern folk art peppered with whimsy. I may come up with a better description later. But for now this is what I got. Stay tuned...
Furby. Pomeranian. Special personality. Modern dog portrait. Size: 30X40"canvas. Medium: Acrylic. 

Dick Blick art materials is having a pet portrait contest. Of course I've entered and of course I would love to win. So vote for me if you love dogs but if you love Pomeranian's in particular--then by all means VOTE for me. I would greatly appreciate it!
Here is the LINK to my painted portrait of Furby:

Furby. Modern Dog.

 Here is the link to the Dick Blick Pet portrait contest 2017. Anyone can enter!!

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