Sunday, November 29, 2020

Fish pate is the only wet food my cat prefers.

 Creating something that’s unlike what I normally create because it’s important to take a step back and look at your progress as an artist and see where it is you are heading towards and also mixing up the subjects. I could sit and study draw some animal anatomy all day and wish I could be better at drawing painting environments. All I need is motivation to keep me going. Practice makes progress right? I sat down and thought for a while about various types of foods. I drew human food and in particular I of course zoned in on the pet food. Cat food. Drew some cat paws. Lynx point Siamese paws. Sketched a silly drawing of Razzy the black cat because she always has a mad look on her face. And then the fish. But only pate variety. Cats are finicky about there wet food. I love graphic design and really cool product labels so this is what o came up with. I’ll turn it into a series of pet food because it’s fun. Simple as that. Fish pate for cats. Nutritious and simply meow-velous.