Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sleepy Face German Shepard Jazz!

What a delight it was to photograph a classic German Shepard! Jazz is a sweet and gentle giant! Very obedient and very patient! She loves her mama so much and at the end of her session, Jazz just plopped her big fluffy body on her favorite comfy couch! This final shot is truly my favorite! Sweet puppy face!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Custom photography wall art is visualized in super cool interior decor scene!

This is absolutely the best way to view your custom photography art in a scene that is so perfect and beautiful it makes you go hmm, that's a pretty sweet living space, I could see MY custom art right there! I discovered these wall display guides from Ariana Falerni a few months ago and decided to purchase a couch template just to test it out. Wow! Was I blown away by the cool factor! Love the contemporary scenes for displaying a wide variety of canvas art collections or framed wall art. The templates are easy peezy if you are already familiar with Photoshop. I've created a page on my website titled: Puppycat vision, with 4 different couches and 8 different sized wall art groupings so you can get a good sense of how your custom photography art will look in your living space. Maybe you order your favorite photo and it's a 8X10 canvas? As you can see above, a tiny print or canvas like this serves no purpose on a wall, these are really only good for desks and side tables. So instead I enlarge the most amazing shot ever in a 30X40 size canvas for you and place it in a hip living space and VOILA! This size makes sense! I will definitely buy more templates down the road because I am totally hooked and in love with this fantastic new product and can only imagine what different rooms will look like!