Saturday, June 10, 2017

Old Man Pugsley the Pug Painted Pet Portrait

 An oldie but goodie. This old man Pugsley like most Pugs, sat obediently for his close up. Transformed this photo into a painted portrait with love. Vibrant colors. Loose strokes. Folk art whimsy. Acrylic on 12X12 Canvas board. Pugsley boy.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Norcross Pop Ins Vintage Pop Up Cocktail Invitation Cards Rooster and Whale!

My darling cocktail invites from Norcross Pop-Ins New York. discovered at an estate sale back in the day. NIB. They had two sets of each. For a whopping .10 cents each. So unique. So fun. So whimsical. And oh so psychedelic! Totally from the 1960's era. You'd have to get all gussied up in your fancy fineries to attend this type of swingin soiree. Super neat. In love with the graphics! I predict a whale of a time indeed.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Buttery and Fluffy Double Daffodils and Tulips growing in front yard

 I meant to post this in April then of course life flies by and you get side tracked. These lovely guys pop up every year in March and bloom for a whole month in my front yard. Gorgeous double daffs that were a gift from a friend. I've flagged them and as soon as the leaves die back (gotta give em their nutrients) I will dig em up and plant in selective spots throughout the yard. It seems to take at least three months for the leaves to turn brown and shrivel up. I dig up all kinds of stuff and transplant to a different location--hostas, irises, tulips, day lilies, perennial grasses. The amount of suffering and beating they endure is incredible. Still, they rise again each and every year bigger and stronger. Perennials sleep the first year. Creep the second. And then leap the third. Sleep, creep and LEAP! Digging in the dirt is a delightful feeling.