Tuesday, April 30, 2013

COOL black dog on Harley Sidecar road trippin Anaheim, California

While road tripping out of Anaheim, Cal., Leia and I stumbled across the coolest part of our trip. An awful cool dog riding sidecar on a Harley Davidson! She reminded us of our black lab Kenobi we just lost a couple of months ago and we couldn't help but think of how much he loved to go for car rides and we would describe this experience as getting the 'window treatment' for dogs. It was the last experience he had before he crossed over to doggy Heaven.
On our journey, we came across gas station dogs, rest stop dogs (a fawn Pomeranian that resembled Furby), 'seeing eye dog in training' at Disneyland (no joke-a grey Pomeranian), a Beverly Hills girly fluffed Chihuahua tucked neatly in a fabulous Coach pet purse, and yet ANOTHER leashed Pomeranian walking casually with it's owner INSIDE a Hollywood MALL (yeah, I know, right?). Oh boy! Californians pamper their pets! But ultimately, this Harley dog took the cake, the mother of all cool west coast Cali pets! Evidently Emma enjoys the open road and travels quite a bit with her owner through California and even has her very own website emmazen.com with a sweet heartwarming story! Emma is truly one lucky dog.