Saturday, September 13, 2014

Goodbye Spooky our forever Halloween black kitty cat

Adopted at five weeks old, he instantly became a part of our small family. He frequently sat at the dinner table with us, was dressed up in doll clothes and carted around the house in a baby stroller, entertained a classroom of second graders for a show and tell event and became the worlds best kitty cat to big sister Leia. I will miss the handsome kitty cat portraits of my baby Spooky. RIP SeeSaw, SumSop Pookers, Pooka Noo, Sushi AKA Spooky.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Beautiful young Omaha couple pose perfectly with gorgeous Husky dog!

OMG those icy blue Husky eyes are absolutely stunning! And check out that tongue! Once I pulled out the yummy provolone cheese slice, she was all ears! Cheese is the magic treat that makes most doggies instant models. She played and posed wonderfully for the camera. Never bored and very obedient. This is the perfect shot I was searching for. Beautiful fluffy dog with loving couple in a perfect pose. Sweet Lexie and her people family were such a delight to photograph!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Handsome Boxer doggie with awesome slobber chops!

I love dog chops! Tyson looks tough but is as sweet as a kitten! Super curious and inquisitive, he charmed the socks off of me with his handsome doggie chops and sweet as a puppy-kitten personality!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sleepy Face German Shepard Jazz!

What a delight it was to photograph a classic German Shepard! Jazz is a sweet and gentle giant! Very obedient and very patient! She loves her mama so much and at the end of her session, Jazz just plopped her big fluffy body on her favorite comfy couch! This final shot is truly my favorite! Sweet puppy face!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Custom photography wall art is visualized in super cool interior decor scene!

This is absolutely the best way to view your custom photography art in a scene that is so perfect and beautiful it makes you go hmm, that's a pretty sweet living space, I could see MY custom art right there! I discovered these wall display guides from Ariana Falerni a few months ago and decided to purchase a couch template just to test it out. Wow! Was I blown away by the cool factor! Love the contemporary scenes for displaying a wide variety of canvas art collections or framed wall art. The templates are easy peezy if you are already familiar with Photoshop. I've created a page on my website titled: Puppycat vision, with 4 different couches and 8 different sized wall art groupings so you can get a good sense of how your custom photography art will look in your living space. Maybe you order your favorite photo and it's a 8X10 canvas? As you can see above, a tiny print or canvas like this serves no purpose on a wall, these are really only good for desks and side tables. So instead I enlarge the most amazing shot ever in a 30X40 size canvas for you and place it in a hip living space and VOILA! This size makes sense! I will definitely buy more templates down the road because I am totally hooked and in love with this fantastic new product and can only imagine what different rooms will look like!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Custom Photography Apps AKA Super Cool Digital Photo Albums!!!

I'm so excited to offer this personalized app for past clients as well as future clients! Now, I am not one who is super duper outrageously APP crazy. Like, I don't spend hours searching the app store for games, in fact, I don't think I've ever downloaded any games to my phone. Ever. That's sad isn't it. But I DO however on occasion, download some new and innovative types of apps that improve my daily life. (Uplifting daily quotes get me going in the morning) SOOO need that!
When I discovered this new cool marketing tool to display your own personal photos-or better yet-a way for new or past clients to view their own photos digitally from their photography session-privately-whenever-wherever-WITHOUT the use of the internet- I was blown away! This new technology has been around for a year or so and growing so fast! (I feel sooo behind the times!) One company I am currently using for client galleries is called so, it was only natural for me to hop on to the custom photography APP board! I luv Shootproof! They are affordable and simple to use!!

I have created a few for some clients and it may seem a little odd at first when they receive it, may end up in spam or junk mail box. So! I am here to explain it as best as I can! This only is for MOBILE devices such as IOS and ANDROID. It seems most people these days have an iPhone-and it looks SOOO cool on one! This is what I do: Puppycat Photography will  email you a LINK. When you click on the link, (it'll say,
A new window will pop up and it will say: custom app by: Puppycat Photography. Install, tap and add to home screen-you'll see your app icon image-and this will be an image of your PET and PERSON from your session with me! Add icon to your home screen  so you can quickly access the website.
Once you have added the icon, it displays as your very own personal digital photo album that you can now view without using the internet.  On the go. Super cool. And totally yours to keep! The free apps I have been gifting have included 10-12 images. (Pet promotion going on right now btw!-see my website!!!/page/167290/pet-promotion- )
But I can create one with up to 40 images! How cool is that? When you tap the super duper cute lil icon of your precious someone, a collage displays and when you tap the image, you slideshow through your session photos and OOOO and AWWWWE!
Of course, don't forget to forward, share on all of the most famous social media websites for family and friend to go wow! I want one too! You can contact me directly from the app page as my name and number and a sorts of contact info is available for booking a pet photography session!
So far, no glitches! And I will do my BEST to make sure this works flawlessly for you! Above you will find images from one app I have created for the iPhone. I can only imagine what it looks like on a iPad. (tech lust approaching) UUUGGGHHH!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

WOW, I look GOOD! The Value of Professional Portrait Photography Omaha

Here I go again! Another huge gap in my blog posts! Not to worry, whenever I post anything, it's usually of importance, and lately I've been disconnecting from the web world for a while, just to clear my mind and to re think what it is I am doing here. This post is important. It explains some of the VALUE that is created within the photog industry. Anyone can take pictures. And everyone does take pictures. I LOVE that we can ALL take advantage of happy snaps ALL DAY LONG 24/7. Heck, I have only 3000 pics on my iPhone. What do I do with them? Look at them for a SECOND. Possibly share ONE to maybe as many people as I hope, this never happens, I'm not exciting. Most people have thousands of images on there box computer (hey, Mac Pros are freakin awesome dude). And most people will print ONE or maybe a DOZEN perhaps out of that heap of UNORGANIZED mess on their computer. Who wants to spend the 'no time we all have' organizing these pictures anyway? Too much work.
 Which brings me to my point to all of this. VALUE. The time it takes for someone with some pro knowledge in the picture world. I googled the word and this is the first sentence that appeared: 'the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.' I listen carefully to clients, spend time with them, and create something visually appealing that is my unique art and hopefully worth something of VALUE. This photo example of my beautiful daughter taken yesterday in the kitchen with north window light is what I LOVE to create. PORTRAITS. The amount of time I take to create 1 image from start to finish can be daunting, yet very satisfying and rewarding in the end! I know it says QUICK edits but I always go the extra mile, within reason. I will NOT photoshop the hell out of you. That is def not my style. She is au natural for the most part. Her skin is slightly touched up and the whole image is improved to what it is I love. I like to look at before and afters and this is a great example. Except ignore the stray hairs going in all directions pls-I could have taken time to remove them but, this NEEDS to be done ahead of time people!!! hairspray next time PLEASE!
So take happy snaps all day long, but let me help you improve your walls!  It's that ONE special amazing portrait that is blown up to 20X30 on a canvas for your wall that will BLOW your mind forever. Like I said, anyone can take pictures, but I have to price according to the value of my art and the experience with my clients. I'm not a cheap photographer who will give you a deal (the word CHEAP! like going to a cheap surgeon is a good idea), I'm a professional who will spend time with you and take amazing portraits of your family and your pet that you will cherish for a lifetime! To me that's value. Now, back to wacky cat pictures on the web....