Friday, December 31, 2010

new apple custom art photo books

i completed a couple of books at the end of the year and are so happy with how they turned out! i have had these printed from apple before and am still impressed with the quality of these guys. i will probably do a lot more of these through apple but my goal is to work with a pro photo lab company in the future. if apple a computer company can print a decent photo book that i myself is pretty happy with then just imagine what a pro photo lab can do! i really had to test this out though. i am however not satisfied with their actual prints. they suck. and i have used the consumer online companies for prints and some are good and some are ghastly! but, it is wise to have a few choices out there to compare the print quality. one thing i will say about apple is that when they ship your item they don't mess around cause they ship with fed ex which is simply awesome! so i am ready to move forward into a new year and a new beginning. i am excited to venture out into the world to explore and provide my services for folks who simply adore their pets (and people). be active. be positive. and be CREATIVE! bring it on 2011!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

doberman puppy

this is the FIRST time I had the privilege to photograph a puppy dog! he will be a gift (planned) for a friend of a family member of mine. this is no surprise, thankfully the recipient is fully aware of all obligations and responsibilities! puppy's are cute, soft, warm and stinky. it was a chilly afternoon and this was kinda a rushed photo op. we are working around the month of december and the setting of the sun drives me crazy! oh and did i mention the temps were a little on the frigid side? so 'doberman puppy' (he has no name yet!!) sat on my warm lap while i shot a heap of photographs. after 10 minutes, the shivering kicked in and the cute puppy moments were over. but ohh did i end up with at least 5 truly unique photographs. i am partial to black and white so that one is my favorite. in the words of charles schulz: 'happiness is a warm puppy' amen to that!