Friday, May 11, 2012

Cute Blonde in Pretty Prom Dress

Leia celebrated prom a couple of weeks ago and here I am finally posting the photo. That's okay, her last day in High School is today so this happy photo of her in her fabulous prom dress is appropriate. Feeling a little anxious about the end of the school year, yet excited about experiencing the real world. Mixed emotions can give you an upset stomach, no worries, your already talented, smart and creative. You'll be fine! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Last Pet Pix Shot with Olympus Gear

Shot with Olympus E510 40-150mm Lens. Raw file 1/400 f4 ISO 400 40mm.
I've decided to part with my Oly gear. The equipment that had started it all when digital was the way of the future. I had a happy snap digital camera back in 2001 that delivered amazing clarity and worked beautifully for what I needed it for. A 3 megapixal wonder (wow!) that did a fairly good job at portraits. Then I finally upgraded (!) to a 'prosumer' 10mp slr! Started with the 2 lens kit (mistake!) and eventually added the 14-54mm 2.8 (a magical lens!)cuz I was frustrated with the speed of the kit lens. Everything still works beautifully, tested it today on my fabulous dog model. However, it's time to part with it and upgrade to faster and better equipment. Not because of the tech lust that I have but more importantly to bring my photography to another level. To make the images infinitely better. To always have reliable equipment and back up equipment! So, tomorrow is my eBay day to list items that are in need of a better home. It had a good run but this one has got to go:(
Shot with Olympus E510 14-54mm lens. 1/640 F8 ISO 800 54mm.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fun and Modern Mini Accordion Pet Portrait Desk Book

A cute little package of adorable pet portraits wrapped up in a custom mini accordion desk book. 10 tiny photos total front and back. Magnetic closure. Choice of modern or traditional templates! Display on your desk-if you don't have a desk then fold your book and pop it in your purse. Be sure to brag to all the friends and family how precious and special this lil book means to you! A great gift for Mom's, Dad's, Grandparent's, Birthday's and Christmas!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Seriously Big Dogs in the Park!

My final post of dog portraits from the Omaha Dog Park Event. These are seriously big dogs. Big dog smile. Big dog paws. Big dog tongues. I had a St. Bernard when I was a kid. Her name was Zsa Zsa. My sister and I saddled her up on special occasions and went for 'pony' rides on her(we were 2!!) Then when I was in grade school, we adopted a collie named Lady. I took her to my 'beauty shop' and groomed her til there was no end. She and I were bffs. And then! During my teenage years growing up in Norway, we selected the perfect Airedale Terrier from my family who bred Airedale's. Nikki was his name and dressing him up in people clothes to take him for a walk down the street was what young teenage girls did when we were up to no good. He was a POOR thing! So big dogs are a huge part of my life, love 'em like crazy. My black lab Kenobi today is treated with sooo much more dignity. Take his name for instance, he is the family Jedi master of the home-no, I believe that title belongs more to Furby.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Omaha Pet Portraits in the Park! Lap Dogs!

I've decided to create a special post for each type of dog such as 'lap dogs' since I have quite a few pix to choose from. Precious small dogs with cartoon faces! Each one melted my heart at the Spring Event 'Bark in the Park' at Omaha's Hefflinger Dog Park!