Thursday, August 15, 2019

My new baby.


SOOC shots. No edits. Canon 6D MARK 2. Nifty fifty lens. It focuses fast. It feels good in my hands. It delivers impressive images. Let me tell you the hardest and most difficult thing with this camera. And that is this, properly attaching my vintage camera strap. Quite literally took me forever. More images to come. In love with this new baby. 

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Brand new cool products from Red Bubble!


Lately I’ve been keeping super busy as to not dwell on the sadness I feel when there is no little man by my side. It’s awfully hard to get motivated. Yet, painting and working on projects on the iPad Pro helps tremendously. Today I improved and enhanced my online shops. Red Bubble has added some nifty new products such as shower curtains and water bottles. Had to snapshot the pages be they only allow to share on fb or Pinterest. Stupid imho. My hand hurts and I need a break. But I’m so happy with these products!