Thursday, August 16, 2018

Creating crazy cat art even with writers/painters block

I like this Ginger friend. It started out as a bunch of colorful blobs and looked nothing like him. Things take shape and morph into something bigger and better. A little dark and mysterious. Would love to stick a bloody mouse in his naughty mouth. It's what cats do best. Eat stinky crap. This painting thing is a work in progress. I find great satisfaction in slapping globs of paint onto a canvas. Been bouncing back and forth with paint and photography. Always improving and learning. Obsessing over plants and flowers along with pets as my subjects. Currently finishing up painting from an old vintage slide/photo. There is a rooster in it. And he will be lovely. But I stop for weeks at a time and freeze. No snapping of pictures. No picking up brushes. The block. It eats at ya. Makes you feel guilty. This particular piece at the time (painted in a day believe it or not) made me happy and I feel good about him and am excited to be slapping on even more globs to make interesting and eye catching pieces! Time is precious and nothing feels better than creating art. LOVE!