Sunday, January 30, 2011

photo restoration-clone tool rules!!

here is a photograph of my brother in-law johnny and the late dear and sweet 'uncle art'(the guy was a steve mcqueen look alike-wow). the 4 X 6 photo quality was super crappy and was in need of restoration. my sis asked if i could restore for her to print a 5 X 7. so keep in mind this is a photo of a photo-on a tripod (instead of a scanned image-it was what we had to work with) and edited in cs5 i really didn't adjust any of the colors but only cloned and repaired as good as i could. (please ignore the bottom right leg-i was so involved in removing 'gaga's' big head and hands that i overlooked that part!) well, lora was happy with the final and she believes johnny will most likely tear up when he sees it. i truly hope it brightens his day!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

new moo mini and biz cards

i received my fabulous set of moo cards and they comes in such a cute and modern package. the box of 100 moo mini cards are a fantastic way to get my portfolio of photography out in the world. and for a meager $25-i can afford this! the stock is heavy weight like way more than 100# and the print quality is something i love-and i am a picky about print quality. most def be using (from the UK!!) for the future. this stuff makes me giddy with joy:)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

creative fee and pricing update for website

i have been working furiously on updating the pricing and info and all that needs to be a part of the upcoming website and i realize less is definitely more in design. simple and uncomplicated.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

hip and edgy junior portraits of leia elkhorn nebraska

i was looking to do some cool edits that had a hip and raw and edgy look to them in this one location with one outfit. these were photographed in elkhorn nebraska on a kinda harsh sunny afternoon back in october of last year-leia is of course imho a perfect model! so i'm biased just a little. big deal.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

snow day for omaha dogs

dogs had a good day in the snow as you can see from the snow jackets and snow beards. it's certainly a challenge to shoot in snow with the blast of white lights and frigidness so i oughta practice more but heck it's cold and miserable out there. but definitely pretty.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

razzi ma tazzi miss curious kitty

this cat is fat (literally) and wild and quite a character to photograph. she will fall asleep standing up and seriously appears to be high on catnip or something. she entertains us all day long with her playfulness. razzi ma tazzi miss curious kitty.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

newly designed info and price sheet for puppycat in cs5!

this is my first attempt at designing my very own informational brochure for the biz. i want to go with about 3-5 pages (in pdf format-google will only accept png or jpeg(aaarrr!!!)-so this will be a fun challenge)where to find me etc and all the fab and fun photos for clients to view. i am on a roll and i know what it needs to look like, and i am finding that less is more in terms of design. i want to make impact and hook'em at the start with some kick ass photos of some fantastic looking pets. i love working with cs5 and lr3 and all the dirty complicated tech work. i'm confident about the basics in cs5 and am learning a ton by trial and error (this may take some time.) however! i seriously think the overall design is coming together. more is never better.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

iron giant moves to a new home in new york!

i decided to say goodbye to my well loved special iron giant robot toy last week. he has found a new home in new york and i am sooo happy for him! sold him for a hefty sum on ebay and i am kinda sad to let him go but, it's good to simplify. he was kinda neglected for a while and now he will be shelved for someone else to cherish. iron giant is one of my favorite movies and this guy deserved a better home. an underated CLASSIC!!! (sorry about this post not being related to PHOTOGRAPHY but it is about ME and the type of activity that goes on in my humble life so, there.)