Thursday, July 4, 2013

Keep pets SAFE and HAPPY on 4th of July!

An oldie but goodie. Felix the smooth coated collie as a puppy held by cutie petutie Leia. During this time of year it's interesting how some dogs don't have a care in the world for loud explosive noises. They are free spirits, totally mellow and absolutely calm and content with their happy little lives at home. And then there are super panicky types that are the complete opposites! They pant and slobber. Run around the house hysterically searching for an even better hiding place than the space under your bed. You can feel their poor little heart beats racing like crazy. No matter how much you hold them to try to calm them, it's no use. Fireworks are constantly exploding next door and shaking the house down the week before the 4th, and even a week AFTER the 4th! I walked my doggie this morning for a good long doggie walk around the neighborhood. Wore him OUT! And then he took a siesta today. Maybe if I keep him awake and continue to wear him out all day it may force him to sleep tonight. I doubt it. We pet owners can only do the best we can. Keep it normal and don't make a fuss over the noise. If he wants to spend the next week under the bed, then let him feel safe and secure there. Let's all celebrate our freedom and be thankful we don't live in a war zone country. God bless our pets! And God bless America! Have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th!!!!