Sunday, July 29, 2018

Kodak slide transparancy restoration

Old photos are truly what I love to pour my creative energy into. Restoring to protect and preserve for future generations is crucial. So I'm investigating a new film scanner for this. I could just send them rather quickly and cheaply to LEGACY BOX. But, I'm much more interested in the creative control. I'm pretty certain they pop slides into a machine and press a button and whammo- you've got a box of 'forever goodies'. Kinda like the PHOTOMAT back in the day. Most people aren't picky simply because they are not artists and don't think thoughtfully about the story and details (curves, hues, noise and tone) of an image. And that's great for that company to succeed. I thoroughly enjoy controlling all aspects of these images. This guy above is my dad, Jack. Photographed by my mom, Anne-Lise. Honeymooning to VEGAS across I80 driving this thing. SHWEET. The file size is large enough for printing up to 40x40. And I have another 200 to go. This is a satisfying project I'm working on and also painting from these color slides. Stuff that trips my trigger. Walter T. Foster books (delightfully enjoyable) are teaching me how and I'm loving every moment.
Photography and painting.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July!

Stumbled across this golden gem while organizing my thousands of images. Innocent and true. These are some of the essentials we all want in life. My little beautiful patriotic American girl. Love.