Monday, June 25, 2018

Dark and moody and dramatic. Feeling Peony Flower.

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Here's the link: Bubble
Creating art for myself is pretty exciting. But to be able to transfer my designs to cool products is super rewarding! I have to say this is an oldie but goodie image of a simply gorgeous peony flower in bloom. Shot with my trusty Olympus back in the day at the Omaha Botanical Gardens with a dear friend of mine. It's an accidental shot. Just walked by it. Boom take a snapshot and later come to find out it's as lovely as pie. Originally in full color, and converted to a dramatic black and white. It's moody. It's dark. It wants you to feel it. Feeling Peony is his name. And you can buy a king size duvet with this design on RED BUBBLE. LOVE. Simply.