Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Taste of Omaha, downtown Omaha Nebraska

I couldn't resist a dog shot!

some serious cops at the taste

pam looks fabulous!

lucy chapman looks spectacular!

funnel cake!!

leia loves her food

lucy enjoys a cold one

lucy and friends-great shot imho!

couldn't resist this sweet and romantic omaha night couple!

my dogs were killin' me

leia's dogs are super cute!

lucy chapman announces the uncoming event! (50mm lens!!)
Taste of Omaha is a weekend long event that takes place in downtown Omaha Nebraska in June. Tons of people come to enjoy the tastiness from all flavors of the world-or just Omaha restaurants. Leia and I had Mama's pizza and enchiladas from an authentic Mexican place. Yum. Plus funnel cake and good times! I took my camera with because, while it is big to lug around, I wanted to document everything and be able to capture the moment fast. I set it to auto simply because there are a sea of people an I was wearing heels-a recipe for disaster if your not careful-and I must be careful at all times! You'll notice I snapped dog pix first-they must be included! I think all the people portraits turned out pretty decent. The lighting was perfect and everyone was having a great time-food and fun-a perfect recipe!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

vintage pet

When I stumble across something unique and unusual from a thrift store/garage sale, I get all giddy on the inside. I spotted this magazine rack that screams 1960's vintage. And the scrap chair (it's a sewing chair-you store stuff under your butt!) that oozes with charm and character, these were all special finds from a thrift/gsale. Nothing I pay for ever goes over $10 or $20 dollars. I mean seriously, $2.00 for a vintage chair? I'll probably end up using it for portraits, an excellent contrast for people, old/new-so I don't expect to repair it-or re-purpose it. The seat area is scrap! And I love it! I'll store photo albums in the magazine rack-it's a wonderful display piece. I truly love items I discover, they have a hidden story about them. A mystery that I will never know about. I will photograph them with people and pets and carry on the mystery. It's magical to me. And the pups.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nebraska cute baby boy page

I got 3 perfect shots of this charming fella. After the 2 hour nap, he woke up and just ooozed with charm and cuteness. I'm always amazed by baby skin, all squishy and silky. Vibrant color, muted vintage and crisp black and white. I love the interaction between sister and brother holding hands. Cuteness!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Handsome baby boy from Nebraska

There was all kinds of kids and excitement happening around Zander which created a happy face for great portraits. The ISO on this shot is at a high 1600, so noise and grain was unavoidable. I wasn't looking for so much of that in the entire image, although I do like it in the background areas here, his eyes needed to remain tack sharp with a nice tonal range of greys. And thankfully my LR3 repairs MOST anything. It's magic and I love it. What a cutie!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer girl photography vintage montage Nebraska

I picked my best shots and threw them together in a photo page that I have been creating for my subjects. I know there is a faster way to do this. I'm researching templates and such that speeds up the process. But for now, it forces me to practice more of CS5 so I can be more efficient with the tools and such. I'll group the best photographs in 3's and 5's and 7's. An element of design that is critical. I truly love the vintage look and am incorporating it more and more! She is sweet summer stuff!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweet summer smiles from a girl in Nebraska

I'm really happy at how these turned out. She's got a sparkle in her eye and she is sooo ready for summer temps to arrive so she can jump in the family pool! This is my favorite pick of the lot and I hope I can shoot her and her family more. What a fabulous model!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sweet summer faces of an American kid.

My final picks for a sweet and adorable summer kid face from Nebraska. I like the layout of my images. It's simple and uncomplicated and classic. No flashy dynamic frilly graphic Photoshop stuff. I love CS5 and LR3 and what the tools can do to help me create an image, but sometimes people go too far with the editing process. It can look cheesy and over the top extreme 'photoshoppy'. I strive to bring a classic vintage look that serves a purpose. She is a true classic American kid. Love it.