Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Taste of Omaha, downtown Omaha Nebraska

I couldn't resist a dog shot!

some serious cops at the taste

pam looks fabulous!

lucy chapman looks spectacular!

funnel cake!!

leia loves her food

lucy enjoys a cold one

lucy and friends-great shot imho!

couldn't resist this sweet and romantic omaha night couple!

my dogs were killin' me

leia's dogs are super cute!

lucy chapman announces the uncoming event! (50mm lens!!)
Taste of Omaha is a weekend long event that takes place in downtown Omaha Nebraska in June. Tons of people come to enjoy the tastiness from all flavors of the world-or just Omaha restaurants. Leia and I had Mama's pizza and enchiladas from an authentic Mexican place. Yum. Plus funnel cake and good times! I took my camera with because, while it is big to lug around, I wanted to document everything and be able to capture the moment fast. I set it to auto simply because there are a sea of people an I was wearing heels-a recipe for disaster if your not careful-and I must be careful at all times! You'll notice I snapped dog pix first-they must be included! I think all the people portraits turned out pretty decent. The lighting was perfect and everyone was having a great time-food and fun-a perfect recipe!

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