Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Norway. A different perspective

Spending two weeks in a different country on the other side of the world gives you a new fresh perspective on life. This was a vacation to reconnect with family and friends again. Eat a lot of delicious food. And soak in the fresh, clean Norwegian LUFT. Frogner Parken, the world's only statue park, created by one human, (super touristy-but hey, we're tourists) was a must on the visit list. Sagene, the oldest district of Oslo, where mom grew up and us kids visited every summer was nostalgic. Beautiful Kristiansand, the southern edge of Norway, where the ZOO lies, had to be revisited, even though most sections were closed, I went nuts with the nature shots. Troll shops, fish, chocolate, waffels, goat cheese and beer. Basically food, family and nature.
Norway, a beautiful country. A lovely culture. And marvelous food!!! Will need to bring lots of cash next time I visit (everything is expensive) but it's def worth it!