Sunday, March 22, 2020

An artists best tool-grip case for iPad Pro painting

I sent Leia to the grocery store to shop for a few things. One will not be toilet paper. Hope the trucks will have a shelf to pick from next week bc I have five good rolls left and I’ve resorted to rationing to 7-9 squares. No one has a square to spare!

Oh yes, lately these past few weeks life in this world has been uneasy to say the least. Most ppl are panicking over food and tp. The virus known as corona aka covid19 has infected and killed thousands. We are experiencing a worldwide pandemic. I am keeping my cool and trying to force myself to NOT Read any news today.

So I made a very good purchase for my iPad Pro. It’s for kids! Of course it is. It came in a variety of rainbow colors so I chose black. FINTIE caseBot kiddie. It is literally the ONLY case for comfortable drawing on the iPad Pro. You can grip it and hold it nicely in your hannies without your hannies falling off while you draw/paint/type. The perfect artists tablet holder. This past year has frustrated me to the core bc I normally sit on the couch and draw. Ugh. That hurts. This is beautiful. OMG and it costs $15 on eBay . Wtf. And it has a pen holder space!  CaseBot Kiddie for iPad Pro A1980
This has saved my poor suffering hannies.
What am I doing to get me through these terrible times? Painting things I love: pets, plants and painting I guess. The 3 p’s. Ok whatever never mind.
Rummy is my subject and he is our special lynxpoint Siamese big baby. Since Leia has a lot of time off from where she works-Apple-she is going to take him to her studio apartment and spend all this quarantine time with hims. This will be very helpful and therapeutic for her. She actually has permission from her doc to keep a cat at her place. Doctors orders. Btw I want to thank her fantastic company Apple for taking care of her! They are taking very good care of ALL of there employees at this time. I am grateful!!!!!
Painting. Pets. Plants. That’s my therapy right now. And forever! You betcha.