Friday, January 18, 2013

Ez to watermark your photographs in CS5

Happy New Year! Yes, it's a brand new year and I have been teaching myself all kinds of new tricks! It's a season of down time so I finally took time to learn a new skill in photoshop. I've been meaning to learn how to watermark my photographs for the past year! I've had this 'logo' for almost a year now, and it's been growing on me-needs some fine tuning-but I'm happy with it for now. Watermarking your photographs is a good thing for all artists out there making an effort to protect their images on the web. I personally am not too anal about it, people right click and copy almost everything on the web. How can you truly protect yourself? I mean, it's your art that you put a ton of heart and soul into creating and people wanna steal it for fun. I think most people are simply clueless and mean no harm. Then there are a few folks out there that will blatantly steal-no hesitation. So as artists, we do the best we can to copyright and right click protect, whatever. And that's pretty much all we can do, is the best we can because it's like a cesspool of no respect in a way on the web. So, I'm not too worried about it, but if I can watermark as many images I have out there, the better and with my name clearly marked in a nice fashion for all viewers, the more exposure. So the time in CS5 learning actions (finally!) was time well spent. I'd like to credit a terrific website that I frequent often called  He offers tons of useful info for the emerging photographer. These photos are a typical 8X10 cropped and that is the size for the horizontal watermark. And if I choose a different size size such as 8.5X11 or 8X8 I need to record a different action because it will cut off the bottom and not be visible. Note to self! Automating and spending less time in photoshop as a part time photographer, the more money in my pocket.