Saturday, June 18, 2016

Orange Decor from the 1970's

Garfield toys were happy and innocent times as a kid from the 1970's. These particular items were found on the orange shelf (how items are organized at the thrift store). They all have that summer feel about them with the sliced citrus geometric shape. Garfield is from 1978 obviously and the folk art matches container may possibly be late 60's. My precious orange piggy bank (appears to be 70's, at least that's what I want to believe. Heck, it's probably from Target- I don't care) in mint condish for only a buck at the Goodwill was the best thrift store dollar find of the day.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fisher Price 2 Families and an Elephant

My Blue Trunk Up Elephant

My Perfect Happy Family

My 6 baby girl Happy Family
Retro Fisher Price Toys were a huge part of my life growing up as a kid. I played with ALL the 'Little People" and their Classic Sesame street play house. My 'little people' white woman married my 'little people' black man (Sesame Gordon was pretty handsome) and they had a baby. I didn't think twice about it. They were perfect and they were honest! I loved everything about their cute little families. Here I have photographed my faves in a darling 'little people' big family and little family portrait. Soon to be for sale on ETSY!! Threw in the circus elephant (BTW I despise Circus's that include ANY animal) portrait for fun because blue elephants are simply adorable...