Saturday, January 16, 2016

Latest images for Puppycatandmouse Vintage on ETSY

Vintage Ceramic Booboo Black Kitty Cat 1950's

Vintage ECKO Stoneware Teapot 1970's

Vintage Fisher Price Toys Queen Buzzy Bee 1960's

After many attempts at setting up the still life studio and not quite getting the results I've been looking for, today was a good day. I discovered scraps of plexi glass, empty paint cans and basically treasures in the basement to achieve this fantastico glossy look. (stay away cats, this is no playhouse!) Natural north window light. And it's SOOC. No editing. I LOVE it. And I love the image of Miss Queen Buzzy Bee's Butt.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Puppycatandmouse VINTAGE and THRIFT STORE goodies for sale soon on ETSY

Vintage Garfield and Odie Sleeping Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Pair 1980's

Vintage Melamine Country Boy and Girl Kitchen Burger Kid Cup Vivid Graphics 1975

Vintage Gold, Green and Grey Mosaic Tile square and rectangle trays 1960's
 I've been selling vintage collectables on ebay since 2007 and it suddenly occurred to me that their store front page sucks. Really no way to customize it. It's very outdated and plain. I like simple and uncomplicated but I'm not plain Jane. (no offense to Jane). It's 2016 and I'm interested in creating unique store fronts for my website (NEW this year!), blog (NEW this year!), zazzle and finally ETSY. I will continue to sell select items on ebay simply because I know it and I've built up an amazing feedback score. But Etsy will allow me to create a truly unique store front look. My blog posts will display items for sale and some NOT for sale, some things I just have a connection with and I will not let go of. Depends on the feeling and of course the cuteness factor. My home is chock full of unique artisan pieces, flea market finds, travel souvenirs and thrift store GOODIES! Everything in it is mismatched and tells a story. (no I swear, I am not a hoarder) It's what I love and will love to share here through my photography.