Monday, April 20, 2020

From traditional to digital painting developing my style

Wet acrylic using procreate 300dpi 2020

Acrylic on board 12x12 2017

A month ago it was official. The world was experiencing a pandemic. The virus was infecting thousands and killing anyone in its path. Regardless if you are old or young. Black or white. The invisible enemy doesn’t give a shit. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer was sold out! (I found some) Most people in the world are able to telework and stay safe at home for weeks. And weeks. Fortunately most people infected have recovered. My awesome job has provided us with a 2 week paid sick vaycay. This is my second week at home in isolation and I believe my dog and cat love me more than the world now. Truly not sick of me. More time to play and cuddle and walk(safe distance)and just hang safely in my cozy pad. The time spent I’ve used towards honing my painting skills. I like traditional messy painting. But I love digital painting. So after a year of practice on the iPad Pro Ive been able to focus intensely and immerse myself completely. The style I’ve developed over the few years is the same yet more refined. Some days I just never know what I will paint in procreate or where it will take me. I’m pleased the beagle jojo took me on a lovely journey for the latest.