Saturday, September 10, 2016

Vintage Christmas gift tags found at summer garage sale

Collection of vintage Christmas gift tags

A lovely collection of vintage Christmas gift tags found at a neighborhood garage sale. I think I paid a dime or something ridiculous for the whole mess of them. My favorite holiday is Halloween but when I come across a feeling from my childhood, I can't pass it up. This is grade school feelings when innocent kids have no worries. The artwork reminds me of Rankin and Bass. Rudolf, Hermie and little drummer boy. Doe eyed children and puppies. Sweet Retro Christmas. A pile of Lovelies.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Vintage Kitchen and Bar Finds

My Vintage Ceramic Schnapps-O-Flex

It'll Tickle Yore Innards Mountain Dew Bottle

Vintage Made in Norway Viking Pewter Bowl on Pedestal
Oh the joys that vintage kitchen and bar items bring to me! All of these wonderful items were crafted in their native countries. Except the funny Schnapps o flex. Designed by some wacky fella in the forties or fifties who figured it would be a nifty idea to add some booze to this clever camera thing. Made in Japan where many ceramic home decor and kitchen items were from. 'It'll Tickle Yore Innards' Mountain Dew soda bottle made and brewed in the USA. That silly saying is written on the back of the bottle. And the lovely Nordic pewter bowel on a pedestal. Designed by the modernists of Norway in the sixties and crafted in the (MY!) homeland. These all serve a purpose by holding something. Whiskey, soda pop or fruit. You name it. I love them all.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Retro around the house

Chef Marc Red Tray

Sky Blue RetroTelephone

White Westie Ceramic Planter
Latest photographs of the vintage collection I'm building for ETSY. I can sell anything on EBAY, which I continue to do. But I need to be selective in the vintage products I will be listing on ETSY. Not only do they have to be built before 1996, but they truly need to be unique and the photos have to be very good. I LOVE my retro telephone. It's such a delightful phone! I call it a work of art for now. I'm not emotionally connected to him. I'm happy to sell it to the prefect person. I wish I could still spend the time it takes to dial up my friends and family on that phone. But seriously, nobody has the patience for that anymore.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Orange Decor from the 1970's

Garfield toys were happy and innocent times as a kid from the 1970's. These particular items were found on the orange shelf (how items are organized at the thrift store). They all have that summer feel about them with the sliced citrus geometric shape. Garfield is from 1978 obviously and the folk art matches container may possibly be late 60's. My precious orange piggy bank (appears to be 70's, at least that's what I want to believe. Heck, it's probably from Target- I don't care) in mint condish for only a buck at the Goodwill was the best thrift store dollar find of the day.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fisher Price 2 Families and an Elephant

My Blue Trunk Up Elephant

My Perfect Happy Family

My 6 baby girl Happy Family
Retro Fisher Price Toys were a huge part of my life growing up as a kid. I played with ALL the 'Little People" and their Classic Sesame street play house. My 'little people' white woman married my 'little people' black man (Sesame Gordon was pretty handsome) and they had a baby. I didn't think twice about it. They were perfect and they were honest! I loved everything about their cute little families. Here I have photographed my faves in a darling 'little people' big family and little family portrait. Soon to be for sale on ETSY!! Threw in the circus elephant (BTW I despise Circus's that include ANY animal) portrait for fun because blue elephants are simply adorable...

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wacky Elf Sassa! Available at Zazzle

Wacky Elf Sassa Lunchbox
Wacky Elf Sassa Lunchbox!  

Latest merchandise I've designed. Comes in 6 fantastico colors! Green is my fave. Add your name and love the Elf. Sassa is an old Norse name meaning 'divine beauty'!!! She's cute and sassy. This fun elf design is available on many other products including apparel and home decor! Only available at

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wacky Elf Collection from Spookysfunhouse Store at Zazzle

Elf love season is blown over but I can't help loving these terrific elf illustrations from a long time ago. I'm currently resurrecting some whimsical art by the late James Widmark. These darling characters have been locked away in a Christmas Neverland vault and one by one I'm carefully restoring the wacky creations that once were. These three handsome elf images were among hundreds of pieces that were meant to be in a collection for sale at Walmart and Target. Now, I will make them look fantastic on T-shirts, mugs, pillows and more! Exclusively for sale on Zazzle! Keeping the design simple so the cute elf is the focus. Wacky indeed! I love them...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Latest images for Puppycatandmouse Vintage on ETSY

Vintage Ceramic Booboo Black Kitty Cat 1950's

Vintage ECKO Stoneware Teapot 1970's

Vintage Fisher Price Toys Queen Buzzy Bee 1960's

After many attempts at setting up the still life studio and not quite getting the results I've been looking for, today was a good day. I discovered scraps of plexi glass, empty paint cans and basically treasures in the basement to achieve this fantastico glossy look. (stay away cats, this is no playhouse!) Natural north window light. And it's SOOC. No editing. I LOVE it. And I love the image of Miss Queen Buzzy Bee's Butt.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Puppycatandmouse VINTAGE and THRIFT STORE goodies for sale soon on ETSY

Vintage Garfield and Odie Sleeping Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Pair 1980's

Vintage Melamine Country Boy and Girl Kitchen Burger Kid Cup Vivid Graphics 1975

Vintage Gold, Green and Grey Mosaic Tile square and rectangle trays 1960's
 I've been selling vintage collectables on ebay since 2007 and it suddenly occurred to me that their store front page sucks. Really no way to customize it. It's very outdated and plain. I like simple and uncomplicated but I'm not plain Jane. (no offense to Jane). It's 2016 and I'm interested in creating unique store fronts for my website (NEW this year!), blog (NEW this year!), zazzle and finally ETSY. I will continue to sell select items on ebay simply because I know it and I've built up an amazing feedback score. But Etsy will allow me to create a truly unique store front look. My blog posts will display items for sale and some NOT for sale, some things I just have a connection with and I will not let go of. Depends on the feeling and of course the cuteness factor. My home is chock full of unique artisan pieces, flea market finds, travel souvenirs and thrift store GOODIES! Everything in it is mismatched and tells a story. (no I swear, I am not a hoarder) It's what I love and will love to share here through my photography.