Sunday, January 20, 2019

New banner/cover/profile/photo on ETSY!

I have been selling all kinds of collectibles on EBAY since 2007. My feedback seller/score/rating is a perfect 100%--with 454 positives. It's fun. It's time consuming. But rewarding. My user name has been ggirl1969. Not original, but Ebay won't permit me to change much. Shop name change to good old Puppycat Photography/Shop/etc. would make things less confusing, but like I said, they won't let me. So, I've been tossing around the idea of selling on Etsy. For a year. Created a fancy big banner today. (For some reason 3 years ago I changed my shop name to Puppycat and mouse. And now it's stuck) I do seem to stick with the 'puppycat' theme-so that's safe. I would love to continue to sell items on eBay, they are super duper easy peasy to navigate and set up sales in a snap. But the fees are too high for me now. 10% fvf. No tanks. Right now I'm going to figure out my ETSY shop. I've added links from my blog/website/instagram/'facebook'-but, the thing is, the FB link is actually my feedback seller rating from Ebay. Etsy will not permit me to customize links. Customer ratings are PRECIOUS!!!!  So...there you go. I hope this doesn't confuse customers too much. Ultimately I am a seller of old goods such as vintage items. Cool collectibles. Old paper. And just about anything that is 20 years and older. OMG-1999 is the 'vintage' cut off year. Huh. Hopefully my lovely looking banner will shine and stand out. My product photography will look better than ever. And I hope I can just take the time to get the hang of this smoothly and successfully. I really LOVE picking items and reselling them to people who just adore the stuff I collect. Ebay made it easy for me all these years. And now I want to say tanks and goodbye. Hello ETSY.