Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I SHOT IT: Meow Meow wins Mark of Excellence!

Black cats rule in this cat photography contest! The I SHOT IT: The Best Photo competition is truly the best photo competition ever. Seriously. Not just because she is a runner up 'Mark of excellence' (I'm still giddy!), but simply because ANYONE can enter, it's affordable AND exciting!! Meow Meow the silly black cat is a natural born model.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fine Art Pet Photo Books

I won this fantastic professional photo book from a company called 'Professional Photo Albums 'and absolutely LOVE the quality! This one is an 8X8"with 26 pages that was relatively simple to design. (luv that!) Glossy hardcover with serious hard stock pages. An excellent fine art book that's perfect to display my pet photos for clients to touch! Very satisfied with this company!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Furby is a top 20 finalist in Pet Enthusiast Magazine

Quite a charming model isn't he? He IS the ultimate dog model. Cute, calm and charming. And this photo was chosen to be part of the top 20 dog models in Omaha's Pet & Animal Enthusiast's (click the link to open a new window and check out this wonderful local pet magazine!) August-September magazine! Thanks Furby for being such a wonderful companion. And thank you P&AE for nominating Furby! 10 years young cuteness!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

October Pet Photos at Mulhalls!

 Official Ad for Mulhall's Pet Event on October 20!

This is one of 3 fabulous events taking place this next season! Yes, it's not until 20th of October but I'll have 2 mini pet photo sessions in October and November on a Saturday. It's a bigger event and you get more than 1 photo. This one you'll need to make a donation from the wish list and or monetary one. Mulhall's will be promoting this like crazy on FB and the website so don't forget!
UPDATE: Official ad has been finalized! This is the best one I think!