Tuesday, February 28, 2017

VINTAGE Brass Swan Family (mother and child) Midcentury Home Decor Piece

One of my magnificent finds while out thrifting! This darling swan piece is truly brass because I tested it with a magnet. No sticking! It measures about 15 X 12". One of a kind item. Found maybe the exact same one on etsy or eBay. I can appreciate fine brass decor mixed with wood and fur elements for that rustic cozy minimalist Scandinavian look. I lived it for 10 years. It's nothing new even though it's plastered all over PINTEREST. What is old, is new again. Yet, I love it still. Did I ever mention I grew up in Norway during my awkward teenage years? Although this swan was probably made in America in the fifties or sixties, it still has that Nordic feeling and of course MCM.
Lefse. IKEA. Rucksacks. A chunk of my childhood.

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