Saturday, May 27, 2017

Vintage Forest Creature Collectibles Inspire Acrylic Painted Portrait of Baby Raccoon

The Raccoon that got into the trash was a naughty raccoon. At age 10, I wrote a short story about a naughty raccoon who got into the trash and caused a lot of trouble in the quiet neighborhood of Rockbrook. Oh such an original title. I was a huge collector of anything with a raccoon on it. The Westroads Shopping Mall in the 70's and 80's had a store called 'It's a Small World" where Hello Kitty and rainbow shoelaces lived. Yes please! I visited this fine shoppe as often as a free to roam child from the 80's could. This is a small assortment of my lovelies from those retro days. Inspired to paint a creature of the forest, This darling (and quite naughty) baby raccoon has come to life on a 11X17 canvas. Not only are the 80's one source of inspiration, but I've discovered this amazingly talented Chinese duo who currently illustrate adorable animals. I just LOVE them! Here is a link Xue Wawa . They bring such delight and cuteness in their paintings that I was immediately drawn to them. The raccoon painting was the ultimate inspiration! And forever will my guy live on this canvas of mine. Baby raccoon LOVE!

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