Thursday, May 11, 2017

Real Neat Vintage Snapshot Envelopes and Coupons Collectible Paper Ephemera 1960's for sale on Ebay

Do I have too many collectible pieces of paper? Yes. And I have adored these for years. Except it's time to let it go. The latest listings are mostly paper. Paper sells like crazy. Unique paper is always sought after. Gee, I do miss the good old days of waiting patiently (we were very patient unlike today) to pick up your fab prints from the local photo mat that are carefully placed in this nifty envelope. Of course this one is from the 1960's and mine would've been in a retro 80's envelope. I purchased this on eBay for nothing years ago. So now I'm reselling it back. Feels good to sell to someone who may start a new vintage collection of their own. In photography always remember: focus, aim, steady and clean! Retro Photo vibes. Neat.

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