Sunday, March 5, 2017

Nipper Squirrel and Scruffy Dog on the Lake Acrylic Painted Portrait Minnesota

Fun portraits of Nipper the Squirrel and Scruffy the Westie Doggy I happened to walk by as I was entering the Mall of America Department Store in Minneapolis last year. The style doesn't match the type of Dept. store. I could see these up on the wall of a Dick's Sporting Goods. But that's probably the idea behind displaying these in this particular store. A weird juxtaposition to take your mind away from fancy overpriced name brand clothing and bring it back to the simple things in life such as nature and animals. The scale of these Acrylic paintings is pretty big. Possibly 30 X 30" Square. They have a whimsical folk art feel about them that I like. Cartoon 'bubbles' make it an even more playful piece of art. They are front and center of this big store that I can't remember the name of but what I do remember is that they caught my eye and I like them very much! 

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