Monday, November 12, 2012

Warm and Fuzzy Pomeranian Holiday Pet pix!

Since the holidays are near, I've been asked to shoot a 'Santa pet pix' at this Omaha pet service business(will post more info on that upcoming event very soon!!!). I recently purchased a ring flash for a separate event (Mulhall's Ladies Night anyone??)and tested it on Furby this afternoon. Using available north window light, at 4pm, 50mm lens, ISO1600(yikes-I know right!!!) f/1.4, 1/800, ring flash set to lowest for that added pop of light. You can see the window and a tiny ring reflection on his eyeball right? Doesn't look artificial at all to me. (but the noise is killin me). I'm so excited to be able to use this for just a bit more light for indoor shoots. (winter is brrrish to be location shooting). This Polaroid ring flash is affordable AND easy to figure out. LOVE it! Isn't he darling in his winter sweater???

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