Friday, May 6, 2011

Senior portrait page first shoot

This senior portrait session was a last minute request by Leia. So by the time she rolls out of bed (on a teacher work day) and decides it's a good idea to take some photographs of herself because she looks hip and stylish, the time is 4pm and the lighting is kinda harsh and windy outside. At the local park we discover this amazing secluded wooded area where the lighting is somewhat decent. I had a heck of a time metering and correcting the white balance(her patience was running thin), but in the end after 10(!!) minutes of shoot time, I see that 5 images are spectacular after all. This start of senior portrait photography could be a good thing for me. I love the dramatic and edgy 'Twilight' look with a twist of sunshine! She looks to the sky with a bright thoughtful mind. Maybe a little too serious? Next location will be a field or an urban area. Can't wait!

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