Monday, May 9, 2011

Brand new Puppycat Photography Website!

I have spent an awful long time researching the perfect website for Puppycat photography. (Please click on the new website link to the right of the blog page here!) For 6 months I have been stalking several 'photography' websites and made my final decision on Friday of last week. Photobiz is the one I chose simply because of the ease of use, cool designs an affordability. Did I mention the super cool designs to chose from are totally awesome! Now, I don't want a flashy or dynamic or an over the top extreme website. I wanted a simple and classic design with no frills. Once I made the leap, I was all over this for 48 hrs non stop uploading and SEO'ing and assembling and designing this like a MANIAC. It was never complicated and easy to navigate. It's still under construction in some areas and I have to update some more high res images. Other than that, I have this guy up and running in NO time! I love that it's right click protected! It's clean, modern, uncluttered, classic, simple, to the point, showcases my work and non confusing. I'm in love w/Photobiz!

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