Monday, August 30, 2010

in memory of rusty and peanut

iv'e been away for some time now deep in thought on many different issues. my last post may have been a while and i'm due for a new one. i stepped away from this blog to work on some learning projects and focus on important personal issues. it's time away well spent because i believe i may be a bit more motivated now. just heard of the sad news about a couple of critters who were something special. these 2 furry besties were hit by a car and killed a few days ago. they were part of a big pet family that belonged to my dear sister kay and her partner dan. there is nothing that hurts more than the 'choke you up, smack you in the face, pain in the gut' feeling of a sudden unexpected death of a pet. one thing that may soften the blow a little is the fact that they have other furry critters among them that will help the healing. this incident struck a chord with me and has motivated me to kick my ass into gear regarding the pet photography business. it's been a slow start but everything i do is related in some form or another to my baby. i know how much our pets mean to us humans. the connection we create with them can be so strong that losing one is unbearable. i want to create precious images that will be cherished. i had the privilege to shoot all of kay and dan's pet a year ago and it was a fantastic experience. needs to be repeated very soon. can't wait. rusty and peanut will be missed, but not forgotten.

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