Monday, October 12, 2020

October Kitty cats


September and October have been the month for kitty cat art. Cute and fat and simply adorable cats (in this case kittens) I found for reference from Pinterest have been my art project lately. This fall like weather creates a mood like no other and totally inspires me to practice cat anatomy. Most of these are painted with the oil paint (In procreate) because that’s what I’m currently obsessed with and it brings an Alla Prima impressionist vibe which I absolutely love. Loose and quick paint strokes using a minimal palette and no black. Soft edges and little detail. Just enough for the eyes and fur. The series has also an 80’s vibe with the spatter/grid background. Which is a look I’m improving on. Because I can’t draw backgrounds. Yet. This is my solution for now. Impressionist 1880’s meets retro 1980’s. Absolutely.


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