Monday, March 11, 2019

Series of 12 cats plants and home.

A series of illustrations featuring 12 wackadoodle and naughty cats. Plus plants. In a home vignette. The idea struck me last night while experiencing artists block. I’ve always wanted to create a series of portraits or paintings of something I just absolutely love and adore but nothing ever sparked. Until last night. 3 things I’m obsessed with are plants, cats and vintage furniture/decor. And since the beginning of the year I’ve also been filling my sketchbook every day with oddities. Cats. Dogs. Etc. I possess some truly unique period pieces of furniture such as a 1950s coffee table inherited from grandmas house that The tv and plants and occasionally cats sit on. This is where the spark grew from. While obsessively sketching I made certain to draw from my wackadoodle imagination and not look at anything online. So as to keep the focus original and build my own artistic style. This is nostalgic and meaningful to me. The 12 sketches are complete and the tracing has begun. Then it is off to the painting process. I’m excited to use gouache because of the rich and matte and versatility of this medium. The one I have taken a picture of is the last one I drew. And I just absolutely am in love with it. Stay tuned for the next step. Rummy keeps me company and this chair will most def be featured in a painting!

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