Friday, April 21, 2017

National Wildlife Federation Retro Vintage Fox Poster Mark Trail Comic Graphic Ebay Auction for Earth Day

Selling this fine piece of paper from 1980. It's beautifully laminated. Bright and clean. And oh so retro! I can see this poster pinned up on the wall of my grade school from 1980 and thinking about how cute and adorable it would look in my 1980's bedroom. Cute animal posters were part of my retro decor back then. This guy was found at a garage sale with other laminated school displays in a box a few years back for about a buck. Teacher storage stuff. I'm all about recycling, re purposing, restoring and of course, reselling all my collectables on eBay. It's earth day and this handsome piece of paper is for sale for $24.99 with all of the profits going to Nebraska Wildlife Rehab. I searched for NWF but they are not listed on eBay so, I chose the next best organization that is local to me. Win a super cool vintage poster and your donation goes to help wildlife in Nebraska! Earth Day is April 22. But I celebrate it every day. Nature. Animals. Love.

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