Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Abstract Minimalist Geometric Green Purple Circle within a Orange Square Silkscreen Art Print Sampler Gallery LTD.

Artist unknown! I've had this 12X12 framed behind glass circle print in storage for years and finally dug it up to do some investigative research on him. Not a whole lot found. I can see that it is a silk screened print. It's minimalist. 1960's. Beatnik. Geometric. Abstract. And in mint condition since it's been protected behind glass and away from sunlight. I removed the interesting pop out gold frame and glass so I could look closely and take a photo without the icky glare. SAMPLER GALLERY LTD. is stamped on the cardboard backing. (I'll add that image soon) I displayed him for a short period of time. Then stored him away during a big move and now I have fallen back in love with him all over again! So it's one of my estate sale masterpiece finds for a few dollars. (future art pieces to post soon!!) I imagine being featured on Antiques Roadshow one day and discovering that it's created by this artist who became super famous after he died and it's valued at a zillion dollars. Unfortunate that PBS is losing federal funding soon but if I was a big TV network I would prefer no government control over my company anyways. Less government control means more freedom right? Sounds like America to me. Just sayin. This piece of art speaks to me in that it is simple, uncomplicated and rebels against too many strings being yanked by our government. Minimalist art. Freedom of expression! Inspiring.

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