Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Darling Blonde Pomeranian looks Spiffy in October Halloween Jingle

October first is finally here and the leaves are a changin! This is my absolute favorite month of the year. I am in love with the chilly mornings and blazin sunny days and crispy nights! Sweatshirt weather! Shadows are super tall and the orange sun is setting earlier and earlier. I tend to drink a lot of coffee to get my creative juices flowing from Fox Hollow this time of year. The flavors are delish! Hallmark has candles in a luscious flavor named pumpkin butter! MMM.
Furby is FAB in this jingle gettup. What a charming young man he is. Poor guy has had some serious puppy bottom issues and yet can still ham it up in his photo shoot! What a champ!
BTW, I'm shooting pet portraits at Mulhall's on Saturday, Oct. 19th from 11-2pm.
This is what you get:  Tasty Treats from Nature Dog Omaha,  Free fab photo from Puppycat photography, donations to NHS, and a FURTASTIC time at a beautiful nursery! Dogs AND cats are welcome!!! You can't beat it!!!

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