Sunday, July 10, 2011

Microstock Portfolio launch

This shot may be the first in my portfolio. There are plenty of details I need to research prior to submitting to a stock company such as who I want to be a part of, sorting through images to find the perfect photograph that is ideal for stock, editing it properly, taking care of the model release forms-for this one I need to offer something in return to her mommy such as print or press products-that usually works! I KNOW the competition is FIERCE out there, but I will press on-I have discovered my niche market-I know it and if you stick to that niche area, people will recognize your work and remember what you FOCUS on. I focus on kids and pets. It's what I truly love to photograph and the more I shoot, the more I love it, and this is definitely the year of being SERIOUSLY active and involved and practically enmeshed in photographing pets and kids. I don't want to photograph weddings or nature or flowers or still life or even work in a controlled studio-I've tried it, and I will refer to others who are much more skilled and talented! Any who- baby steps along the way make it happen. Kids and pets, that is my FOCUS!!

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