Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gary Bradley

On the night my husband James died, Annette and Gary, James sister and brother in law came over to our home all the way from Wahoo to comfort and support us immediately, unconditionally, no questions asked. It shook our whole family up and we were never the same after that terrible tragedy. Yet it also brought us much closer together. I snapped this photo at his sister Lucy's home back in November of last year. He was helping her trim her giant out of control pine tree and was chopping it up for firewood. When he approached the deck with this tool in his hands, all grubby lookin, the lighting was spectacular and he was in his element, helping his family and giving his all to make things work. That's what he did. I have many memories of Gary and I can't wait to hear more wild and outrageous stories about him. Gary was either holding a baby in his arms or throwing some stuff together to blow up for 4th of July. Loving and kind, creative and passionate. I feel very lucky to have had him as my brother in law. Gone, but never forgotten.

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